Moving Announcement

To all our regular readers:

The name Evangelical Gateway was always meant to be abandoned as soon as a suitable replacement could be found.  This blog has been a part of the broader initiative of Patheos, and at last Patheos has incorporated WordPress and the blog will be moved within the architecture of the Patheos site.  (Patheos had other blogs, but their limitations inspired me to start my own blog on WordPress, and Patheos was so pleased with this blog that it decided to run all of our blogs on WordPress.)

What this means is that we are moving.  The new location is here:

Please Bookmark the new page.  And I apologize for the absence of new posts in the last 36 hours or so.  My family and I have been sick.  It’s unlikely I will have much time to offer over the weekend.  So look for new posts to begin at the new location on Monday.  And please be patient as we work out the kinks at Cross and Culture and get the right look and feel to it.

In fact, we’ll be starting some new features, features I’ve been waiting to introduce until the new blog launched.  We’ll still have the Morning Report and the Blogopticon, but we’ll also have other things.  And over time it will become more of a true group blog.  Thanks everyone for reading, and God bless!

-Tim Dalrymple


~ by thdpr on October 1, 2009.

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