“A Demographic Problem”

I want to share this with folks and ask what they think.  First, watch the video:

Then, consider: do you find anything in this video offensive or wrong?  If it were speaking of Jews, for instance, would you consider it anti-Semitic?  Is this an example of religious bigotry, or of Christians who want the gospel of Christ to spread around the world, and are finding in Islam a barrier to that profession of faith?  I’m very curious to hear how people respond.


~ by tddalrymple on August 26, 2009.

5 Responses to ““A Demographic Problem””

  1. The video strikes me as fear-mongering. While it may be legitimate to address the Christian faith concern about the growth of Islam, the video does not put its statistics within that context until the very end. The larger question — perhaps even more politically incorrect, I suppose — is whether there is anything worth preserving about “western civilization,” the Judeo-Christian foundation that issued from and shaped European and North American culture. Do the statistics in this video “threaten” that? and is that a cause for concern?

  2. First, let’s address the issue of the video itself. I took the time to check on their information. While Their info on birth rates are essentially correct. It’s called generational disinclination to bear shildren. Perhaps it is because women see war differently, they watch their children that they have given birth to & raised killed, sometimes before the birth of their own kids. Parents should not outlive their children. They are looking at an old age without the comfort of having their children around, like their mothers & grandmothers did.
    The other side of the coin is that women are seeing their own potential in their lives & so are not inclined to slow their own progress in the business world down by having children.
    Secondly, this story does not take into account that children are not their parents anymore. In the US, the religion of the parents is not always or even usually the religion of the children. We might see a totally unexpected shift happening.
    My personal take on this is rather unusual. I take comfort in the facts of lower worldwide birth rates. The US can’t put to work the people that it has, thanks to this screw-up we call a recession. Having more people would mean more drain on the system & more time needed to repair itself. Having less people means less polution & waste and opens up the possibility of more mechanized assembly work. Which in turn means that we’ll have to get better educated.
    I think that the circle of life is working. That we are finally advancing this stagnant society.
    Thanks for listening.

  3. I am curious as to which Christian group made this. Yes, it is fear mongering. When the 2.11 fertility rate in the US is only reached by adding “LATINO IMMIGRATION!!!”, the whole film becomes skewed and suspect.
    Facts are facts and why are Christians bemoaning the loss of Christian hating secular Europe to Islam?

  4. With no doubt the video is offensive to any faith on this planet not only to the Muslim Faith. This is a kind of putting fear in people’s mind and chest. People need to ask why there are 1.6 Billion Muslims on this Earth. Until today the ideology of people on Islam is still limited on what is shown on the media or attributed by Non-Muslims. I think it is our duty to learn and put some effort understanding other religion concepts, culture, and message, not only just keep our mind and heart closed to only what is fed to us by our surrounding. Go to schools, read books, ask proper people and don’t be bias if you want to learn new subjects This was our grandma tips and I’m passing it along to you as a reminder. Just don’t expect anything to come to you for free without any effort, I’m pretty you heard that before.

  5. Given that people are motivated either by fear or by desire of something, this video will work to wake up those who call themselves christians to realize Christ’s return to this earth is closer than we think. For it is God’s will that none should be lost and He will work through all who confess to know Jesus Christ to be witnesses to those of you who yet do not believe. Christ did not call on His people to “proselytize” but to give an account of God’s saving grace in their lives so that others may have the hope of eternal life.

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