Sunday Morning Funnies and Inspiration

For today’s comedy, I thought I would share my favorite comedian, Demetri Martin.  Martin won fame for his stand up comedy and, last I knew, he had a series called “Important Things” on Comedy Central.

Fair warning.  Demetri is not particularly foul-mouthed.  He doesn’t depend on foul language or foul subjects for his laughs.  His jokes, however, are not entirely without some language.

As for today’s Inspiration, I came across this video this week and really enjoyed it.  The glories of the heavens:

Lastly, there is an important (if depressing) article in the New York Times today about prosperity gospel preachers such as Kenneth Copeland.


~ by tddalrymple on August 16, 2009.

One Response to “Sunday Morning Funnies and Inspiration”

  1. […] and the amazing dancing Speaker of the House 1.  As mentioned in yesterday’s “Sunday Funnies,” the New York Times presented an article yesterday on “prosperity gospel” folks […]

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