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Morning Report, August 31st: Obama’s Quagmire, Black Models, Picking Fights at Tea Parties, A Ridge Too Far, Stressed by ‘Stress Positions,’ the Deterioration of Journalism, Tutu’s No-No, and King Kennedy

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Funnies Follow-Up: Do Unto Others

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Sunday Funnies and Inspiration: Tom Cruise and Thomas Merton

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Morning Report, Weekend Edition, August 28th: Burying the Last Lion, Intercepting North Korean Arms, the “Church of Hate,” Health Care for Unions, Michelle’s Hair, and Investigating the Investigators

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A Two-Sides Twofer: the CIA, the Church Commission, and Enhanced Interrogations

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Morning Report, August 28: Family Missions, the Gospel in Space, Insurance for Aliens, Mindless Fandom, Stupid Senators, More on KennedyCare, and the Rise of the “Afterbirthers”

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Upcoming Movie: The Blind Side

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